The mission of Woods Elementary is to provide opportunities to learn through quality, differentiated instruction. We will share the responsibility to ensure that all students soar to their highest potential in a secure environment.

Recent News

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Beta Club Thanksgiving Baskets

The Woods’ Beta Club members raised money to put together baskets for the elderly. They were given to the elderly for Thanksgiving. Hat’s off to a job well done!

George recieves certificate

Woods Students Pledge Against Violence

October 15th was the National Day of Concern. On this day Woods students signed pledges against violence to make our city a safer place! Ms. George received the certificate from the speaker for Woods’ participation.

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The New Orleans Pelicans Visit Woods!

Granville T. Woods Elementary was lucky to have a visit from the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday, October 15th!

Hauntd House scares

Fall Fest Pictures

Woods students had a great time at Fall Fest this year! Special thanks to Ms. George, Ms. Wellmeier, Ms. Cindy, Mr. Bruce, Ms. Peggy and all faculty and staff members!

Beta Club Induction and Awards Ceremony

On October 17, 2014, Granville T. Woods Elementary celebrated its student achievement! Congratulations to all students who were inducted into the National Beta Club!  

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